I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying for my Masters in Computer Science. I do development in Java and C++, and create websites using a mix of nodejs, PHP, and SQL. I've worked as a programming instuctor at iD Tech, a Forum Administrator on minecraftforum.net, as well as a staff member for BukkitDev, a popular site for distribution of plugins for Bukkit. As of now, I am currently working as a game developer for Hypixel LLC
Born in Rutland, Vermont, I continue online for work and fun combined. On most sites my alias is 1Rogue, but you may find me under aliases such as OneRogue or even just Rogue. I can be reached at rogue@codelanx.com.
Now that I get a chance to look at this (5+ year old) site, boy is it outdated. The CSS is peeling off the walls! If you're here because of a candidate search some better links for you may be my Stackoverflow page or perhaps my Github, however a lot of my github work isn't public :).
PluginTemplate is a template devised to be used for a majority of my plugin releases. It has most of the basic functionality laid out (listener/command management, auto-updating, etc). It is open source and others may use it!
A private plugin done in reference of the popular "Walls" minigame on Hypixel Made for PhanaticMC, with quite a few new options added (dynamic world loading, arena wall selections, and more).
Playtime is a plugin for tracking numerous times for particular players in Minecraft. It can track the time that a player has been online, alive for, and how long they have played on the server in total. It currently supports three forms of data management, which are MySQL, SQLite, and flat file storage using yaml files.
Adminchat, despite the name, is a bukkit plugin for minecraft that has grown into lightweight channel management. Players can dynamically create channels, and designate their commands and format through configuration, and give permissions to read and send to specific channels.
A Banking platform using the MVC GUI design pattern. Loads bank information from a text file, and can run in a "batch mode" or through GUI input. Was a Team project with one other person, so a good display of working together on a project.
SimpleProject was a small project I initially made for my first lab assignment at RIT. It was supposed to be a Hello World, but I got told "Show what you know". So, a lot of effort for little payoff, but it's still a fun little demonstration of different java concepts.